10 Backpacking Apps for South East Asia

written by beaniesandbikinis October 11, 2016
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Get ready for your backpacking trip!

If you’ve got a backpacking trip planned to South East Asia or just one destination within, here are 10 backpacking apps you should probably download before you head over there! Trust me, you’re going to thank me for sharing this!


This app is awesome to plan out your backpacking trip, find viewpoints, restaurants, they’ve also got road trip guides if you’re unsure of where you want to go.


A Quick and easy way to find, compare and book hostels across the world. My favorite is the button where you can click into the map view, it makes it very easy to see the areas the hostels are in.

air bnb


Need a quick and easy way to find, compare and book awesome places? Airbnb is the app for you. Rooms/entire apartments/cool houses across the world can be rented, so you’ll be able to take your cool Instagram photos. If you feel like splurging from the cheap backpacking budget, check out Airbnb.


Probably number 1 on the MUST download list. This app seriously has saved my lives many times. It’s an offline map of anywhere in the world, but you need to download the map beforehand. It’s extremely accurate and has all of the new restaurants and petrol stations. Don’t get lost on your backpacking trip. Download maps.me.

XE Currency Converter

Worried or wondering how much money your spending in Asia? Download XE Curreny Converter for your backpacking budget. It’s a great offline tool to visually see how much your spending and if it’s the right choice.


What a wonderful app that saved me a couple times in Bangkok. Sometimes I was out of the tuk tuk area and I just wanted an easy way to get a ride to my destination. Grab made it easy for my backpacking self to get a cheaper alternative to a taxi.

Google Translate

Kind of like maps.me, the key is to download the language you want beforehand. That way when you’re offline you’ll have it right on hand and ready to use. I actually had a complete conversation with a Thai boy through this app, probably the coolest thing ever! When your backpacking, this will literally save your life when your trying to speak to someone but don’t know their language. You will also end up learning the language eventually.


Such a great app to find and compare flights. My favorite is to use the full month view where you can actually see the cheapest day of the month. This is key for backpacking, you always want to be ahead on your next destination.

Apple Find my iPhone

Great app if you’ve lost your phone and need to find it. Backpacking apps essentials. We all get drunk sometimes and loose our phones.

Find my Droid

Awesome¬†app if you’ve lost your phone and need to find it. Backpacking apps essentials. We all get drunk sometimes and loose our phones.

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I hope you enjoyed my favorite 10 backpacking apps for South East Asia! Don’t get caught without them, trust me they will save your life!

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