Beanies & Bikinis 2017 RECAP – What did Nikki get up to?

written by beaniesandbikinis December 23, 2017
2017 recap
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beanies & bikinis 2017 recap adventure blogger

What happened in 2017 for Beanies & Bikinis

This is going to be a very FUN post, let me tell you! I find that sometimes we don’t sit back and realize what we have actually achieved. The reality is, you can mold your entire life into what you want, and I think that’s an amazing thing! For the longest time, I was very unhappy living the “normal life”. Where one would work hard to get a career so that they could have a good paying job, build a family and live for the weekend. I tried, again and again, but I found that that “normal life” path was just not aligned with the path I could see myself leading. Slowly but surely, I changed my path to mold the life I wanted to live. And sure enough, this past year (as well as 2016) surely lived up to the expectations of what I want my life to be! Looking back at what I did in 2017 has left me speechless. I didn’t realize I did so many amazing things, no wonder you guys are following my adventures! I am so blessed to have experienced all these amazing moments.

So let’s see what little ol’ Nikki got up to during 2017!

My year started in New Zealand...

My year of 2017 started off in New Zealand, where I enjoyed a lovely Goddess Worship ceremony with my good friend Claudia.

I attended a cool up and coming festival called Biophilia! It all started in Queenstown, New Zealand! I actually got to experience the first one, and it was pretty rad!

I took an awesome road trip in my van over to Lake Pukaki, Lake Tekapo and Mt Cook! I got some absolutely amazing photos and was mind blown the entire time at how beautiful this country is!

lake tekapo to mt cook beanies and bikinis beanies & bikinis new zealand travel explore south island
lake pukaki new zealand south island vanlife

I went to a badass outdoor Fat Freddy’s Drop concert, and it was an absolute blast!

I rode quad bikes up Cardrona and felt like I was on top of the world.

Quad bike mountain cardrona queenstown new zealand beanies and bikinis

I made some new friends in Te Anau called Glow Worms.

te anau glow worm caves new zealand real journeys

I went to the forbidden part of Queenstown, because I met the coolest local friends! Deer Park Heights.

Queenstown nz photography deer park queenstown new zealand mountain mountainscape adventure outdoor hiking

I learned not to be so attached to material things because

my van died. But I fixed er’ up, with lots of $.

vanlife died New Zealand Queenstown

I witnessed the beauty of the west coast of New Zealand at

Franz Josef Glacier.

franz josef glacier west coast new zealand fox glacier

I experienced the magical land of fjordlands national park. Exploring Doubtful Sound with one of the awesomest friends.

doubtful sound cruise Milford sound Fiordland explore New Zealand travel backpacking

I accepted that I’ll be traveling alone, and I’ve learned to love it.

beanies & bikinis blog the things you learn when traveling alone

I hit a very dark low when everything I owned (expensive electronics mostly) were stolen from my van. I was robbed.

I was robbed Christchurch New Zealand getting robbed

I accepted the robbery as a blessing in disguise. I had insurance coverage on all my items, so I used the money to get only the best quality gear I would need to pursue a career in photography/videography.

My first adventure was a hike up Ben Lomond, well half of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

sony a7r ii ben Lomond adventure Queenstown beanies and bikinis beanies & bikinis

I hiked in the freezing cold darkness, to arrive at the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen – The Hooker Valley Trail.ย 

hooker valley trail beanies and bikinis blog beanies & bikinis blog travel blogger mt cook New Zealand

I climbed for hours around Tasman Lake to get the best shots.

beanies and bikinis blog beanies & bikinis blog Tasman glacier outdoor hiking New Zealand

I pretty much visited MARS when I went to the Clay Cliffs. It was magical!

I visited Skippers Canyon and absolutely fell in love with the sunset.

queenstown nz skippers canyon New Zealand deep thoughts beanies and bikinis blog beanies & bikinis blog travel blogger

I went on an East Coast of New Zealand road trip and found the most delicious cafe!

moeraki boulders east coast New Zealand beanies and bikinis blog

I jumped across all the boulders at Moeraki Boulders.

moeraki boulders east coast New Zealand beanies and bikinis blog

I had the best snowboarding season ever! At the Remarkables in Queenstown.

remarkables queesntown snowboarding skiing things to do in queenstown beanies and bikinis blog

I hiked to the top of Isthmus Peak and got an awesome butt workout.

isthmus peak wanaka New Zealand hike hiking trek mountain view beanies&bikinisblog

I hiked to Rob Roy Glacier and fell in love with how massive the mountains were. This was definitely my favorite hike in New Zealand!

rob roy glacier New Zealand Otago hike nz glacier walk beanies and bikinis

I went to Milford Sound for the 4th time and loved it even more!

Milford sound New Zealand explore beanies and bikinis blog travel blogger what to do in New Zealand

I found wilson inย FIJI!

beanies and bikinis 20 photos to inspire you to visit Fiji

I rented a Yellow Kombi Van in Australia and had the most “Australian” day EVER!

vw kombi bus photoshoot boho bohemian hippie folk beanies and bikinis summer Australia

I visited the most graffiti-ed street in Toronto – Rush Lane.

toronto canada rush lane graffiti wall art beanies and bikinis

I surprised the CRAP out of my family when I just showed up at home without giving ANY hints I was coming.

surprising my family after 2 years of traveling beanies and bikinis blog travel blogger

I found the boho chill vibe I love in Byron Bay.

Byron bay adventures sunset Australia beanies and bikinis blog travel blogger photographer world traveller

I got my heart so badly broken, I ended up in Mexico alone.
But I kept my head up high and visited amazing places like

Chichen Itza.

chicken itza mexico ruins explore travel wanderlust where to go in mexico backpacking

And beautiful places like Las Coloradas.

las colorades mexico Yucatan peninsula explore Central America backpacking beanies and bikinis Nikki bee bigger

My Mexico/South America trip got cut short and I didn’t end up going to the UK because of the broken heart. But another plan arose and I ended up doing an epic road trip from Toronto to Vancouver through USA.

badlands national park South Dakota vanlife explore wanderlust beanies and bikinis blog

That my friends was my AMAZING 2017. There were definitely some very dark moments, but so many more beautiful and amazing moments to look back on. I hope you click on all the specific posts and check out all my adventure stories!


PS, I haven’t uploaded all my adventures from 2017 yet because I literally did so much coming back from New Zealand. I’ve ended up in West Canada, exploring for a little while ๐Ÿ™‚

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