3 Days in Bangkok – What to expect

written by beaniesandbikinis September 24, 2016
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Day 1

Check-in, Relax, Eat

After a long stretch of travel from New Zealand, I wanted to recoup, eat some food and lay horizontally! I’d done some planning before my trip and wanted to stay in some really cute Bangkok hostels, so I chose Canale Hostel. I was absolutely thrilled with my experience! The style is so cute, modern yet vintage and the rooms are air conditioned! The staff is amazing and I met some great friends to go on adventures with. It’s a 5 minute walk away from Khao San Road (the hub of Bangkok backpackers, travelers and lots of cheap massages/clothes/tattoos/internet cafes/nightlife etc.) which makes it close enough, but far enough to be in a chill area that isn’t always buzzing.

The cutest pods
Khao San Road

First stop, FOOD!

Thai food is pretty delicious I must admit! We stopped at the delicious restaurant called Mango near Khao San Road for some Passionfruit Kombucha and Mango Veggie Pad Thai. There were a few non-stray cats inside the restaurant which was real nice to be able to actually pet them, because all of the street cats are dirty and pretty much run away anyways. Breaks my heart because I actually LOVE cats and want to snuggle all of them.

Day 2

Temples and a Tuk Tuk

We took a yellow tuk tuk temple tour, which means they stop a couple times and you have to “pretend” your buying a suit in between the temple tour, but it only costs 20 baht. If you don’t have the patience or don’t want to waste time, just pay more and you’ll be set! By more I mean like 300baht, unless your a genius at haggling them down in price!  I can’t exactly remember which temples we ended up going to because he was saying them so fast, and I’m not one to read signs, I’d rather just get in there, see it, enjoy it and take photos. I will put up the temple names I know.

Wat Chana Songkhram

Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha)

I didn’t end up going to The Bangkok Grand Palace, by that time I was seriously melting and just wanted to find air conditioning. This happened a lot, I’m not much of an extremely humid/drenched constantly hot type of person. Also from coming straight from New Zealand’s end of winter, this heat was absolutely nuts (especially Bangkok).

The cutest Tuk Tuk driver ever, look at his smile!
Pretty much obsessed with these 50baht fruit smoothies

Day 3

Boat Taxi and Exploring

Heading out on a boat is probably the cheapest way to get around Bangkok. I really enjoyed the boat, except for all the black smoke that would come from the engine every time it stopped to pick people up. It’s also kind of confusing to understand where the boat is headed to next. It’s about 14 baht per ride, which is 50c! Winning!

Touring around the city was great, make sure you wear good shoes, flip flops with no support suck! And while your touring around the city, go get a massage. I got one, for $6 and It was amazing!

Real cool castle out of focus
The Bangkok Bridge, I had to hardcore de-haze this photo on LR because the smog was so bad you could barely see the sky!
I took a photo of this building because I couldn't believe how dirty it was!
Such a cool boat ride!

Last meal before I head off to Koh Tao for some real relaxation!

Baht Breakdown - Spending

Accomodation : $60 NZD (Definitely chose a pricier hostel)
Food: $40 NZD (Not the cheapest on Khao San Road)
Transport: $30 NZD (Including from the airport to Khao San Road area)
Fun: $15 NZD (Massage, entrance to Wat Pho, etc)
Total: $145 NZD

Being in Bangkok for 3 days was more than enough for me! It’s a cool place to check out for sure, but I just wanted to lay on the beach somewhere nice!  Bangkok can certainly be done for cheaper, but I wanted comfortable accommodation, and chose to eat at some air conditioned restaurants to save my sanity, which also was more expensive.I hope you enjoyed my post and learnt something about Bangkok! Be sure to check out my next post, It’ll be a video on Bangkok!

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