Koh Phangan – 6 Happy Places to visit

written by beaniesandbikinis October 13, 2016
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I bet you’ve heard of Koh Phangan, but most likely associated with the full moon party. I’m not really into the crazy parties at the moment, so I’m going to show you 6 amazing happy places in Koh Phangan that I enjoyed! Check it out!

Happy Place 1

360 Bar

360 Bar is a pretty cool place to check out on the North of Koh Phangan, of course you’ll need a scooter. In fact, I suggest renting a scooter the whole time your on the Island, it makes it possible to see everything and because it’s badass to ride a scooter, right? It’s a great bar where you can see the sunrise and the sunset, but they probably won’t be serving alcohol for sunrise, just assuming!

Happy Place 2

Haad Rin Beach

Make some good looking friends, and head to Haad Rin beach and lounge for the day! There are many awesome restaurants, shops along the beach, and it’s where the original full moon party is! The sand is actually so unbelievably soft and felt so good on my feet!

Happy Place 3

Haad Yuan

Take a long boat ride over to Haad Yuan, it’s super chill and quiet. It’s probably more obvious that it’s chill in the busy seasons, I went in September and the whole island of Koh Phangan was actually just really quiet. Haad Yuan has many awesome resorts, a good beach and all you need is to bring your friends and your set!

Happy Place 4

Out for a rip!

You MUST take a scooter out on Koh Phangan and explore what this Island has to offer! Seeing the sights will be difficult, and it’s probably the best feeling in the world being on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair anyways.

There’s also this really cool elephant mural I found and thought it was so pretty! Makes for a good backdrop on a photo that’s for sure.

Happy Place 5

Get a Tattoo

Seeing as Koh Phangan wasn’t exactly my favorite island, I decided to waste some time and get my tattoo more completed! So happy with the results, I went to 420 Tattoo in Haad Rin by a lovely Thai guy named Tar! He’s so precise! Obviously tattoo’s are cheaper in Thailand, I ended up paying 6,500 Baht for him to complete-ish the arm tattoo I had. It’s not done yet! I’ve got to put more on my hand and up my arm… probably will turn into a sleeve. Can’t wait!

Happy Place 6

Visit Orion Healing Center

You’ve got to visit Orion Healing Center! There are many amazing programs to choose from. There was a Colon Cleansing Program that I really wanted to do, but it just wasn’t in the backpacking budget. So I ended up going with a Healthy Living 1 Day Program that costed me 3,000 Baht ($110 CAD).

The Healthy Living program 1 day package includes:

1 x Yoga class
1 x Thai massage
1 x Spa treatment (Ear coning OR Mud wrap)
1 x Herbal steam room
3 x Set meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
1 x Young, fresh coconut
1 x Fresh juice
1 x Raw desert
1 x Herbal tea


I decided to be fully present this day and put all technology away, this is why I’ve only got a photo of my lovely coconut I was drinking. If you head to Koh Phangan and love health/wellness/yoga, I HIGHLY suggest heading to Orion Healing Center and enjoying their facility for a day, it truly settled the restlessness I was feeling for a while.

Koh Phangan

I hope you learned loads of stuff about Koh Phangan! Yes most people would have added the Full or Half moon party, but I’m just not really into the hardcore partying at the moment, but I’m sure it would have been great. Let me know below what your favorite happy places are in Koh Phangan, or what I missed out on! P.S. I went to check out some waterfalls (it’s September) and they’re all dried out!

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