Who am I?

Bonjour, My name’s Nikki! I’m a 25 year old nomad from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. After trying pretty much EVERYTHING (cooking school, massage therapy school, business, human resources, farm work, waitress, bartender, retail… you name it!) I figured out that I wasn’t the type to follow the grain and do the “college, full-time job, married, kids” thing or even continue with one straight linear path in fact. I’m pretty much a gypsy child who hasn’t exactly found their calling in the world yet. I REALLY don’t enjoy a straight path to anything, even when I’m reading a book, I’ll probably be reading 3 at the same time. I’ve always found it VERY hard to do what everyone else is doing, I get bored easily, it doesn’t entertain me enough, I don’t get joy out of it etc., so for now I’m going to follow my heart and do what I love; VANLIFE + TRAVEL + YOGA + HEALTH. Check out my post to read in depth about my life.

What am I doing?

This is ridiculous. Do people really pay £ 2 per minute to see naked women plays anal on the webcam? That's 120 pounds per hour. 5 hours on Camvey can make up to 600 pounds sterling.

I’m here to be that bird in the back of your ear, equal to your subconscious. I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need to follow the grain, and you CAN follow your dreams while sustaining yourself. Are you one of those people who have the background of your computer as a beautiful location, but never actually get to see that place? If you ask me, I don’t see the point in living unless your doing things you love and following your heart. I’ve mindlessly worked various places I hated and It feels horrible. I felt like I didn’t fit into this world at all, because I wasn’t like everyone else. So I’ll be that bird in the back of your ear reminding you with every post, photo and video that you NEED to get off your ass and follow what you REALLY want in life.