5 Inexpensive Adventures to do in Byron Bay NSW

written by beaniesandbikinis August 18, 2016
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I made it to the famous hippie haven in Byron Bay NSW. If a destination is known for being bohemian, hippie and real chill, you know I’ll find my way there! Byron Bay was just that, extremely chill, bumping for things to do in town, and what hippie doesn’t love watching the sunset?

byron bay nsw

Byron Bay NSW

Byron Bay Markets

The Market happens on the first weekend of every month. It’s definitely a must-do when coming to Byron Bay NSW. There are so many handmade goodies that always inspire me and make me happy! Here are some of my purchases below.

Vesica Handmade Leather Waterbottle Holder

When you check out the markets, you can’t miss this treasure. I got this unreal leather strap water bottle at the market and I can’t explain how in love with it I am!! It’s a brand called Vesica. Their products are absolutely beautiful, this water bottle was $90 AUD and needless to say absolutely worth it.

The Cutest Handmade Leather Booties

Extraordinary Foods

I came across this great company when I checked out the market, their product is absolutely delicious. My favorite is probably the cashew cheese kale chips, I could eat the entire package! Yum! Their products can also be ordered online if you can’t get to Byron Bay. Click here for their website.

Visit the LOVE sign

The love sign is right in town. It’s the cutest little spot to get a typical Tumblr photo. We ended up checking it out at night and it looked great! It would have been cool to get a nice photo of the whole symmetrical area, but there was a bike locked up right in front 🙁 so we figured we’d move on to the next cool thing.

Enjoy Organic Donuts

The cutest donuts shop on Bay St. We were naughty and ended up getting an oreo donut made into an ice cream sandwich. It was delicious and a great place if you feel like you deserve a treat.

Swim in the salty ocean water

There’s a great beach right in the center of town, the sand is lovely, there loads of parking and it’s a great spot to set up camp for the day and enjoy some rays! We decided to bring out GoPros out to capture to crazy waves. Here’s a photo below of my friend struggling at life. LOL ♥

Be mesmerized by the sunset

Bring your camera, take your thongs off and walk down the beach while enjoying stunning Byron Bay sunsets. My favorite thing about being on the coast is watching beautiful sunsets. I have this obsession with mountains, but the one thing I always lack when being around mountains is a good sunrise/sunset. Take 3 breaths of appreciation for the beauty of this world.

Have you been to Byron Bay NSW ? If so, comment below and let me know what your favorite part was!

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