8 Waterton Hikes You Don’t Want to Miss

written by beaniesandbikinis July 18, 2016
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- - Waterton, Alberta, Canada- -

In 2011 I decided to head to Waterton National Park. My friend had gotten me a job at the Prince of Wales Hotel. I was very spontaneous at this point in my life, I got the job and 4 days later I was on a plane. This was the first time I had ever really moved to a different province in Canada, it was something I’d always wanted to do. I just needed a bit of help from a friend to get me in gear.

Waterton is all about outdoors and nature!  Hiking, rock climbing, canoe, kayak and boat tours are mainly what Waterton has to offer. As someone who loves the outdoors, It was an achievement to cross off mountain peak after peak on my list. Hiking does sometimes suck, with how lengthy the trails are, but every time it’s worth completing to see the view from the top of mountains. Absolutely nothing can compare, just you and your friends alone in silence 1500 feet above everyone else.

One of my favorite things to do that wasn’t hiking, was renting a mo-ped and roaming around the mountain side. This is such a free feeling and costs about $45 for an hour at Pat’s Waterton gas station, probably the cutest gas station in the WORLD! I also loved doing back country horse riding. Working with the Prince of Wales hotel, it was a very cheap endeavor to do and loads of fun. I always find it really weird-feeling to ride a horse, they are just so large and strong.

In Waterton, I quickly found a love for hiking. Unlike Ontario, the more you hiked the higher elevation you ended up, and the views were phenomenal! There’s something special about being so high up above everyone else, and with just a select few people. One thing I dislike is being in a group tour and catching the same bus, and stopping at the same views with about 50 other people. It completely ruins the atmosphere.

The most amazing experiences I’ve had have been where I’ve trekked my butt for a long time either hiking up a mountain or paddling on a kayak away from society, where stillness and nature is the only thing alive. That is what life is all about, those magical experiences, those are the memories you will never forget.

- - Must Do Hikes - -

- - Must Eat At - -

Being a mid-20’s lady, of course I want to know where is good to have a little party! Waterton has the cutest tradition I will never forget. At the Thirsty Bear Saloon there’s a tradition where one person gets pinned to the wall by another person with their bum, and another and another etc., until there is a line of about 10 people pushing their butts into one another. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture and probably did really badly at describing, but it’s real silly if you ever get a chance to see it. 

Occasionally there would be some good events at Vimy’s Lounge and Grill. AI remember a couple cool EDM music nights, was loads of fun! If you were just looking for a chill environment to have a drink, Lakeside Chophouse had a really cool bar area with a cozy fireplace. We’d sometimes play a silly drinking game where you’d throw light coasters at the alcohol bottles and which ever 3 alcohol bottles you landed on, you’d have to have a shot of all 3 together. Sometimes it was really gross, like baileys mixed with gin mixed with fireball… nonetheless was always funny watching someone else drink something gross.

Thanks for reading about Waterton! It was a lovely place to go for a season, the small town feel is such a nice environment. If you like a low-key nature environment i’d definitely suggest heading to Waterton, Alberta.

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Sylvie July 21, 2016 at 2:45 am

Professional looking, really great reference points, great pics. And wow you’ re just started.

annoue July 21, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Now if you are in Alberta M dear friend you must visit Drumheller. You will find out that If Irak is the birth place of Adam’s apple tree, Drumheller is the birthplace of all other living creatures. Obviously God was Canadian! Go and check it out and tell me why is it that Tyranosorun Rex is such a whimp in front of our Albertasorus!


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