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written by beaniesandbikinis August 14, 2016
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You’re here, on my vanlife page because you are clearly interested in throwing everything away and living in a van, and you should be excited! I’m going to share with you my story, how I started, and why I wouldn’t choose another type of lifestyle!

Welcome to the Vanlife,

I’ve always had this longing to be completely free, to live in a van, to roam free and not be bound by anything. No job, no restrictions, no fear. I longed for a life that I could watch the stars every night as I was boiling water for tea in my van. I wanted the simple life, I wanted everything OTHER than the mainstream world. I found all my dreams within this vanlifestyle in New Zealand.

Meet my van Torin, he’s a 1987 Nissan Caravan who’s received lots of love and attention. I picked him up in Auckland, New Zealand from a lovely guy named Torin, so I decided to name the van after him; plus its a cute name! For being almost 30 years old and traveled the whole of New Zealand (perhaps many times), he’s doing great!

van life my cool campervan nz vanlife

Where do you find a van for the vanlife in New Zealand?

I found him on TradeMe, is a great platform for find used items, vehicles, clothing or anything people want to sell. It brings sellers to buyers without the middle man like a hockshop.

I’ve got a post specifically about how to buy a camper van in New Zealand.  “A Complete Guide to Buying a Campervan in New Zealand” for loads more information!

beanies & bikinis sexy vanlife photoshoot van life photoshoot
van life New Zealand campervan nz
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife

Torin is a self-contained van

To be a self-contained van, it needs to be equipped with:

  1. Fresh water supply
  2. A fitted sink
  3. Toilet
  4. Holding tank (grey water)
  5. An evacuation hose connected to a sealed portable tank
  6. A rubbish bin with lid

To find out more about self-contained vans, click here.

But Torin's special

Since he’s such a special vanlife van, he also has:

  1. A Mini fridge
  2. A Stove
  3. A Solar Panel
  4. A Battery Inverter to charge electronics
  5. A cozy bed
  6. Heaps of cupboards, drawers and overhead storage
  7. Fairy lights (of course)
vanlife died van life my cool campervan nz vanlifeNew Zealand Queenstown
lake pukakivan life my cool campervan nz vanlife new zealand south island vanlife
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife lake pukaki new zealand south island vanlife beanies and bikinis beanies & bikinis
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife


I LOVE my cool campervan Torin. I love that he has so much character, and when we do road trips together I can just sleep in a self-contained allowed campsite. It makes road trips very inexpensive! The reason why I had to get him, among many reasons, was that he had an extended roof which means I can stand up straight! (Yes I’m only 5’1′, but still it makes me feel so cozy.)

The other reason is because it’s a self contained van. Since New Zealand is awesome, there are so many self-contained approved camp sites all around the country. Since we have flowing water, a toilet, a stove and a fridge, we won’t be leaving any trace anywhere! We love living simply. There are also DOC campsites which are very cheap and also nice to stay at if your van isn’t self contained.

beanies & bikinis sexy vanlife photoshoot van life photoshoot

Let's make the van cozy

This past summer I revamped the interior to make it look really cozy. Since this was going to be my home for the next 2 years, I figured I wanted to be comfortable. I put up hooks so my necklaces could hang nicely, I re-painted the whole inside white, as well as the kitchen area. I got a nice blanket, pillows and painted cute murals on the cupboards. Cheers to the vanlife, making my space cozy is such a fun adventure.

I am very lucky to finding this van! The fact that the entire inside was completely finished to amazing standards still amazes me. I must have some good luck! Either way, I would have reconstructed a van into a cool campervan nonetheless!

van life my cool campervan nz vanlifevanlife died New Zealand Queenstown
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife vanlife died New Zealand Queenstown
beanies & bikinis sexy vanlife photoshoot van life photoshoot
van life my cool campervan nz vanlife

Cheers to the Vanlife

I’m Nikki and Torin is my cool campervan! If you’re interested in learning more about how to buy a van in New Zealand, or where good adventures are in New Zealand for the van life, and an inspirational vanlife video, I’ve got loads to share with you!

Having a cool campervan is seriously the best thing in the world! Bring along a couple friends, park up anywhere and cool a great meal while watching the stars. THAT my friends, is what life is all about.

Inspired? I hope so!

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Aida August 21, 2016 at 12:22 pm

Loving this post, beautiful photos! And the whole concept of your blog is just amazing!


alex October 4, 2016 at 2:15 am

vanners greets from Germany – we run a dodge b300 maxivan And already
made two roundtrips in italy with it. should be on The Road more often 😉


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