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    On this forum please list things that you think every vanlifer/buslifer must have while being on the road.

    A few of my personal favorite things to have on board while hitting the road are ( NOT IN ORDER) :

    1.) Stanley ” FatMax” 700 amp jump box with tire compressor
    This is something that has saved me PLENTY of times and something I feel like everyone with a vehicle should have on them at all times. This little guy is a 700 amp jump box that is used to jump your vehicle ( I have used this a bunch of times and this works like a champ ) . It also has a built in USB port to charge your phone , a pivoting LED light , A Heavy-duty brass-tipped SureFit compressor nozzle that connects to tire valve stems , and a 120 PSI compressor with backlit gauge to fill up your tires. It is such an affordable price and is something that will always have your back. Especially with older buses or vans since they have minds of their own LOL.

    2.) Coleman single burner table top Butane stove
    I use this single burner stove top in my kitchen ( I have a carbon monoxide detector right above to be safe ) , and also outside. This cooks so good , fast and easy without the messy clean up and is compact and simple to store away .

    3.) Lasko Electric Ceramic Tower Space Heater
    I get alot of questions about what I use for a heating source in the bus . This is the heater I use that works great ! It heats my bus up super quick and gives off the perfect amount of heat. It is only 22 inches in height , super light weight , it comes with a remote to control it from a distance , and also has a 7 hour automatic shut-off timer with a High and low heat setting .

    4.) Jetsetter Maps
    This was given to me as a Christmas gift from my older brother and I love it beyond words . I hung this up in my bus and its a cute way to mark my travels. The map comes in gold foil and when you go to a different state, or country you can take a coin and scratch your achieved destination to reveal it in watercolor .

    5.) The basic and very important must haves
    -Jumper cables
    -Tool kit
    -Road Flares
    -Fire extinguisher
    -Tire pressure gauge
    -Extension cord
    -First Aid Kit

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