Alpine Club Canada Hikes (Sydney Vallance – Fryatt Hut) + What to Pack

written by beaniesandbikinis August 28, 2016
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The Alpine Club Canada has loads of different hikes and huts in the back country of Canada. Sydney Vallance or Fryatt Hut is one of the hidden gems!

fryatt hutt jasper canada

It's time for an adventure!

Sydney Vallance - Fryatt Hut - Via Fryatt Valley Trail

Elevation - 6539 ft / 1993 m

Trail Length - 22.1 Km (one way)

Level - Difficult

Jasper National Park

We certainly knew we were in for a good hike, look at this view!

Pack : Osprey Aether 70

Pretty much in LOVE with this pack. I got it about 5 years ago randomly, probably because I knew I’d be doing some wild adventures in the future! I’m sure glad I grabbed it when I did, because I’ve needed it ever since! I have the 65L pack and I really enjoy the size, it’s very versatile for anything your planning to do. I’ve used it hiking, mountaineering, camping and backpacking. Definitely suggest grabbing one! Osprey also gives lifetime warranty, and that’s just key! It’s always a good idea to do some research about what to buy. It’s a great key item for hiking within the Alpine Club Canada.

Necessities when overnight backpacking (Autumn)


  • Midweight thermal top/bottom (no cotton)
  • Midweight gloves
  • Beanies/headband
  • Leather waterproof hiking boots
  • Down jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Socks x2
  • Undies x2


We planned to stay with the Alpine Club Canada at the Sydney Vallance – Fryatt Hut, so we brought all the necessary camping gear.

  • Jetboil¬†(compact mini cooking system)
  • Stove fuel
  • Medium pot with handle
  • Multipurpose bowl/mugs
  • Utensiles/knife
  • H20
  • Also found some neat items here

It was an overcast and misty day, but we dressed well for the weather!

Can't get enough of the mirror lake reflections. So calm and peaceful

I REALLY wish I had an SLR Camera at this time... these photos could have been so much better

I didn't think I could make it!

By this point in the trek, It had been approx. 8 hours of hiking with small breaks for food. I was absolutely drained, my feet were aching and driving me insane. Poor Patrik listening to me complain! If there’s one thing I’ll say about this hike, it’s that you should practice for lengthy hikes. I’d done many hikes up mountains this summer, 3-4 hours up, and 2 hours down (ish) and I’d never felt this bad! I think if the hike was about 6 hours straight I would have enjoyed myself a lot more. Especially knowing that the next day, we’d have to hike 8 hours back to the car, I didn’t have much positivity left in me. The Alpine Club Canada kicked our asses!

We finally made it to Fryatt Hut after an 8 hour trek

The Fryatt Hut cabin was so cute! Many beds, a large table, loads of cooking space, everything was was just right! Fryatt Hutt can hold 12 people, but we were literally the only ones there, we had the whole place to ourselves to relax. Although it may have been nice to meet others who had done the same trek, it was very enjoyable to relax by the fire and knit our hats.

-Yes Patrik is that cool that he knits hats, probably better than me as well!-

Time to head home, and was NOT looking forward to this long hike!

There are many times during a hike where I question why I am even carrying on, but after every time I reach the peak or the destination, I am always so proud of myself. Plus there’s incredible views! That’s where a lot of the motivation comes from; Don’t want to miss out on those views!

Thanks for checking out Fryatt Hut at the Alpine Club Canada! Have you been here? Or have done a trek to a cool hut? Share your stories below

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