Koh Nang Yuan – A Beach you Can’t Miss

written by beaniesandbikinis October 13, 2016
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So you’re interested in Koh Nang Yuan eh? Good choice, because it is stunning! Keep reading to find out how stunning 🙂

Let's go to Koh Nang Yuan!

During my week on Koh Tao, I ventured onto Koh Nang Yuan. An absolutely gorgeous island a 10 minute long tail boat ride away, North West of Koh Tao. The boat ride costed 250 Baht ($9 CAD) per person (we had 3 people) and once we got to the Koh Nang Yuan, It costed 100 Baht ($4 CAD) to get onto the Island. What a great decently cheap little trip that is so absolutely worth it!

What is there to do on Koh Nang Yuan?

Grab a bite to eat and a drink!

There are couple of restaurants with delicious food where you can sit back, relax, enjoy the view and get a bit tips.

Get your tan on

Fancy being a golden brown beauty? Visit the stunning beach connecting the Islands together. Get your tan on while laying on the small piece of paradise!

Take a hike!

Don’t forget to hike up the viewpoint! It’s about a 15 minute hike and the view is SO worth it! In case it isn’t clear once you get onto the island, the viewpoint is on the left hill.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Koh Nang Yuan!

It’s a really small island, and there isn’t a whole lot to do on the island other than tan, eat, drink and enjoy the views. If you get a chance to visit Koh Tao, do not forget about Koh Nang Yuan!

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