Lola’s cool blue mini bus! #buslife

written by beaniesandbikinis February 9, 2018
beanies and bikinis adventuring with Lola feature van life vanlife how to how to start vanlife
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beanies and bikinis adventuring with Lola feature van life vanlife how to how to start vanlife

Meet Lola:

She’s this cool lady from Long Island, New York living in her epic blue self-converted bus. I just had to give her a shout out for being so epic.

To anyone wanting to convert a van or a bus, check out her answers to some much-asked questions about doing the #vanlife thing.

beanies and bikinis adventuring with Lola feature van life vanlife how to how to start vanlife
beanies and bikinis adventuring with Lola feature van life vanlife how to how to start vanlife
What inspired you to choose the van life? 

Upon graduating high school I knew I didn’t want to jump right into college. I was never into books, nor was I the type that wanted to sit and study in a class room. I didn’t even know what career I wanted to pursue. I felt that I could enjoy my life in a different way other than sitting in a classroom and if down the road I decided college was for me, then I would choose what I wanted to do and make a decision from there.

 During high school and after I traveled to all kinds of different places with my mom, whether it was a trip to an island or somewhere in the states, it was always a thrill to explore new places, meet new people, and see new things. Working five days a week and saving up my money allowed me to take my time in deciding what I wanted to do.

 Shortly after my first outdoor adventure with my mom, I realized my love for the freedom of being outdoors, camping, and the peaceful surroundings in all the various places I have gone. My mother and I used to camp with our 1965 Serro Scotty Hilander travel trailer. It was so much fun to take it out to campsites and set up and enjoy the camping experience. My mom wanted something that didn’t need to be towed so she decided she wanted to start a bus conversion. Watching my mother build and complete hers made me realize how nice it would be to have my own little home on wheels.

   I was following others on Instagram for a while watching them travel the world in both vans and bus conversions. Living in New York, I was torn between wanting a van or wanting a bus because of the frequent weather changes. Since we have long, cold winters I felt a bus would be my best choice because it allowed me to have more space since I would be inside more than outside for four to five months depending on how bad the winters were.

How did you go about buying/converting your van?
   After months of searching the web and local ads for the right one and saving up my money, I found a little, pale blue, short bus with a ton of bus life potential. I contacted the seller immediately with my fingers crossed after I found the ad hoping that it was still available. After a few LONG hours of waiting for a reply, my phone flashed with a message from the seller telling me the bus was still available and if I was interested he would be around later that night to show the vehicle.
   My mother and I jumped in the car and drove out to the bus and took it for a test drive. After leaving the sellers house (which ended up only being a few blocks away from my house) I went home and thought about what I wanted to do. The next day we went back, I paid for the bus and just like that, the little 1989 Bluebird short bus was mine.
How long did it take you? 

It took me a month and a half to finish my conversion. My conversion has a kitchen, bathroom, 2 couches that convert into a full sized bed and a small dining room.

Have you ever felt unsafe, or worried about theft? 

I haven’t felt unsafe or worried about theft but my guard is always up and I am always so alert to my surroundings. I try my hardest to avoid sketchy areas and I make sure I always follow my gut. My bus is equipt with an alarm system and I have aftermarket locks installed for extra safety.

Where do you shower and park your van? 

The bathroom has a combined toilet and a shower. The bathroom has a portable shower head, a drain in the floor, and a hanging shower curtain that is stowed away when not in use for extra space utilization.  The shower was made to be used both on and off-grid.  While on-grid I am able to hook up to a campsites water source, and off-grid I have a 12V water pump that is connected to a battery bank which pumps water from my 10-gallon fresh water holding tank into my shower and sink. I didn’t want a huge bathroom because I saw that as being rather pointless for the amount of time one is really in the bathroom compared to the time spent in the rest of the bus.  For me, I would personally want a smaller yet functioning bathroom and have more “living room” space to enjoy.

I mainly am parked at campgrounds, but it is very convenient that my bus is able to fit in a normal size parking spot.

What’s your favourite part about living in your cute blue house? 
My favorite thing about my little blue house is how comfortable it is. While converting my bus I wanted my space to have nothing but cozy and positive vibes. I love simplicity and bus life teaches you how to appreciate so much more.

If you fell in love with Lola, check her out on Insta

beanies and bikinis adventuring with Lola feature van life vanlife how to how to start vanlife

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