I’m over traveling – Explained

written by beaniesandbikinis October 9, 2017
why I'm over traveling beanies and bikinis
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why I'm over traveling beanies and bikinis

Yeah, you read it correctly, I’m over traveling. This very sentence definitely has to be explained. I’ve been traveling for 2.5 years, and to some that may seem very long, and to others perhaps short. But as with everything in life, when you do too much of something, you tend not to like it as much. So, in this blog post, I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why I’m over traveling and what my future plans are.


Traveling/backpacking is loads of fun at first, but when you’re not interested in partying or getting wild, it changes the way you want to travel. Hostels are no longer satisfying anymore because they are loud and full of party animals. I’d really love a nice peaceful quiet night without loud ruckus beside my bed. A nice cozy bed with a badass view sounds like a much more enjoyable time.


I really miss traveling with someone. It gets lonely after a while! I’ve tried it once, now I’m over it. Planning a nice month holiday with a partner sounds a lot better to me. Saying that as well, I’ve been single for 2.5 years-ish, and it’s time for something new ­čÖé


Being constantly on the move all the time gets to you. Yes, I’ve lived in New Zealand for 2 years, but within those 2 years, I’ve lived in so many different places, vans, houses, hostels. The thought of having my own space, where my tea sits, where I can snuggle someone every morning with a dog sounds absolutely heavenly┬áright now.


Along with my travels, I’ve met so many amazing people! Sometimes the groups I’m in are the #dreamteam of friends, and then some of them leave and it turns into the #lonewolf team. The idea of having a stable group of friends where every weekend we can go out and have a bonfire and drinks sounds like the best vibes to me. This is what happens when all these cool people travel around the world, we tend to leave and enjoy new places.


I’ve wanted a dog my entire life. Like a dog, I can keep where my parents won’t give it away, and I can cuddle him every day. It’s time for a dog.


Ew am I growing up or something? Here I’m craving that tiny house vibe, with a dog and a man. You know, a nice quiet life where I can bake and take photos of my cute life. Things are changing that’s for sure, and I really like it. I’m still going to travel around, but very different. New and exciting things are coming, stay tuned!

I’m currently hanging out in Byron Bay, craving a tan, but the weather is not cooperating. As I sit here and plan the next year of my life, and how to make it closer to my dreams, I’ll sip on my flat white with coconut milk and smile because life is good.

Have you traveled for a while, and have gone through the same thing? I’d love to hear about it!


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Kat October 17, 2017 at 12:22 am

Hi Nikki, I can totally relate to this! It’s the “dilemma” we as long term travellers are in, I guess: On the one hand we love to live our lives in many places, on the other we miss our own space and a familiar tribe. Besides my closest friends, it’s my private space I miss the most when on the road.

beaniesandbikinis October 17, 2017 at 1:49 pm

Yes! Own space is so special, maybe that’s why I want to chill out for a bit hah! Where are ya now in the world?


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