The Most Relaxing Week in Koh Tao

written by beaniesandbikinis October 6, 2016

The Road to Koh Tao

I’d had just about enough of Bangkok after 3 nights there. It’s a great city, but boy is it fast-paced and hectic. I was craving some serious lay-on-the-beach weather and chill out. So I headed over to Koh Tao, I took a night bus and boat. After haggling 6 shops, I got the price down to 680 Baht ($34 CAD). Brutal bus ride, I certainly didn’t take any photos because it wasn’t anything special, just a really really bad sleep. All backpackers including myself got treated like absolute crap during the whole bus ride. We would stop every once in a while for food, and were literally treated like sheep, getting yelled at, motioned to move and hurtling us to eat their food that had been laying out for what seemed like a whole day, with flies all over it. Thankfully the bus adventure ended and we were all at the pier waiting 3 hours for the next boat to Koh Tao.

Indie Hostel

Arriving in Koh Tao, I booked myself the highest rated hostel, Indie Hostel. It costed me 400 Baht per night ($20 CAD), the island is pretty expensive to start with, but this room was certainly a little higher price range. It was totally worth it, I highly suggest this Hostel! Very clean, the cutest cafe on street level, air-conditioned rooms, great facility and a nice roof-top to watch the stars or do some yoga. I met loads of great friends, 2 especially in which you will see them in lots of photos!

Always obsessed with sunset photos

There were so many amazing sunsets in Koh Tao! Sairee Beach also faces the perfect direction to watch the sunset, so I definitely suggest staying around there, plus that’s where there’s lots of massage parlors, nightlife, delicious food and amazing shops!

Roaming around Sairee Beach

Koh Tao gave me many new experiences, one was watching a lady boy show! It was such a cool event and lovely to see them doing what they love. I didn’t love the 3x the price drinks, but it evened itself out for having no door fee, maybe.

First lady boy experience! They were lovely!
Yoga at Shambhala was seriously the best!
Selfies in Koh Tao because I'm happy to finally be at the beach!
Seriously in love with Koh Tao. The cutest island and so much to do!

I spoiled myself at Baan Talay

I signed up for my Padi Course (Open Water Scuba Diving) with New Heaven. For the first night they put me in this UNREAL GORGEOUS bamboo hut in the jungle. I was so in love, I decided to splurge and spend 5 nights there! The first day of Padi ended pretty quickly, as I couldn’t equalize my ears. Kind of like how descending from an airplane absolutely kills my ears and is actually impossible for me equalize up there, I clearly was not able to in the water. I ended up doing a little snorkeling with all my scuba gear and pretended I was as cool as those Padi enabled people 🙁

I thought, hey! why not just relax, take advantage of the view and enjoy this amazing resort! And that I did. Here are all my photos of my Baan Talay experience.

I ended up loving some AVP Yoga, doing meditation in my room with the gorgeous view, and getting loads of picture taking moments! Baan Talay is 800 Baht per night ($30 CAD) when doing a scuba program, or 1200 Baht ($45 CAD) when not doing a program. It’s pretty expensive, but if you’re in good budget for this type of thing, I highly suggest checking out Baan Talay! I loved my stay, and am still dreaming about going back!

We all have to try everything in life don’t we! I tried scuba diving and it’s clearly not for me! Was lovely tho, but I’ll stick with snorkeling! Since I just ended up doing the Discover Dive, it costed me 2,000 Baht ($75 CAD).

I hope you enjoyed following my adventures in Koh Tao! I definitely suggest heading over to Koh Tao, but now since I’m writing this post having seen some other islands…. Stay in Koh Tao!!! It’s my favorite!!

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