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written by beaniesandbikinis August 23, 2016
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Are you heading to New Zealand? Are you looking for things to do in Wanaka? Well let me tell you many amazing places you’ve got to visit with your campervan in Wanaka. The sights are absolutely gorgeous, you won’t want to pass these amazing viewpoints! Keep reading for my favorite views to see in Wanaka.

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The Crown Range

The top of Crown Range facing Queenstown is a MUST for parking the car and taking in the beauty. The view is just phenomenal, a great place to have a picnic, or propose to someone (haha, but for real). Make sure your vehicle is strong enough to drive up, poor Torin has a hard time going past the second gear. Let’s just say it’s a slow and steady ride when were in Torin, nonetheless a drive full of character. Your vehicle might also need snow chains in the winter! This was one of my favourites in vanlife Wanaka for sure!

Wanaka Lakefront

Wanaka Lakefront is right across from town which makes it lovely for having lunch on a patio over-looking the lake. The main street is Ardmore Street. There’s a lovely cafe called Alchemy and I’m pretty much obsessed with having lunch on the outdoor patio and enjoying the view. Their food is absolutely unreal, a definite must when looking for somewhere to eat! They even have a cool self-dispensing water tap with tap water and sparkling!

That Wanaka Tree

What’s a trip to Wanaka without seeing the Wanaka Tree?

That Wanaka Tree is pretty much a must when visiting Wanaka, it’s a cute lonely tree close to the shore of Lake Wanaka a small walk away from town. During the winter it’s bare and beautiful for mirror lake photos, in the summer it has loads of leaves and looks real cute. This day we actually saw someone swim over to the tree naked and get a funny photo by the tree. I’d do that for sure, but the winter water was a bit too cold!

I suggest visiting during sunrise or sunset, everything is always so pretty!

Rippon Vinyards

I never knew this place existed, that handsome man I picked up brought us to this lovely place. Rippon Vinyard is a MUST visit spot for vanlife Wanaka! It’s about a 5 minute drive out of a town, somewhere to enjoy the view, have a lovely meal or do a wine tasting. We only ended up enjoying the view, which was MORE than enough for me! Views make me happier than any meal could haha.

some good looking man I found on the side of the road

Snow Farm Road

If you’ve got an adventure planned at the Snow Farm, I suggest having chains on your tires and giving yourself loads of time to get up. We had an adventure planned at the Snow Farm, did not have snow chains and barely gave ourselves enough time. Lesson learned, which is why I’m helping you out! Another reason to give yourself more time is probably because you’ll end up stopping every 500m like we did to take beautiful photos. Adventures in Vanlife Wanaka are seriously the best!

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